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Outback camp 1

Around the campfire

Our first night's camp was an introduction to all things Aussie - campfires, Swags (that's comfy sleeping bags to you non-antipodeans), Snags (that's sausages), and generally being very cold, out in the middle of the desert.

I got to demonstrate how you sleep in a swag, to the assembled throng around the dinner table, using all my catwalk talents.

Wood stealing

And, to make life even more interesting, some of the group decided that we didn't have enough firewood to get us through the night - and so went on a commando-style raid to borrow wood from our neighbouring camp sites.

All in the spirit of fun, of course!

Ahhh, VB

Enough wood, but enough beer? That was the question that was on everybodys lips as the night drew in.

But the night ended up with Steward sharing a swag, with Nicole so yes, I think that there probably was enough...

We were all provided with tents, but being the masochists that people who sleep out in the desert generally are, we decided to sleep under the stars, by the dwindling fire.

Swag bags!

The night sky was the 'biggest' that I have ever seen, and completely glorious.

And Stewart still snored.

We never managed to get a great deal of sleep, due to our rendevous with Ayers Rock at sunrise, and were rudely kicked out of our sleep by Rychelle (who I can't believe I haven't mentioned yet), and piled on to the bus...

Uluru Sunset   Outback Camp   Uluru Sunrise

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