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A Little Wander

Welcome to my virtual photo album and trip diary - if you are of a jealous disposition I recommend that you turn back now. Enjoy your flick through but you must not make comments about the quality of the pictures or the quality of my skinny legs - I had an old camera (for the first lot of shots, anyway), and very strange genes (for all of them)...

Jump in wherever you like, although the sections are listed in a rough order of time.

Sydney | In Between | Melbourne
The Great Ocean Road | The Desert | Uluru
Uluru II | Uluru Sunset | Outback Camping
Uluru Sunrise | Kata Tjuta | Outback Camping II
Creative Genius | Kings Canyon
Cliff Tops & Waterholes | End Of The Middle

Christmas '99 | Christmas '99 (ii)
New Years Eve '99 | The Year 2000!

Socialising... | Ugly Mugs

The Road - Part II | The Otways | The Big Rocks
Mt. Buller

And don't worry, I will keep you all informed when a new page is added...