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Creative Genius


At our second night's bushcamp (near to King's Canyon), all the jobs were divvied up - fire-making, kitchen duties, that sort of thing. Rychelle asked for some volunteers to make up a 'centerpiece' for the dinner table, and being the macho man that I am, I volunteered (along with Lynne and Jo) to have a go - it sure beat peeling strange Aussie vegetables...

But not just any old candle-holding centerpiece, oh no. Noticing that the floor of the bus was strewn with beer cans and o.j. bottles, we hit on the idea of recreating the NTAT bus and trailer.

And, to top it off, Ayers Rock and The Olgas, artistically lit with a mini-maglite, for that authentic feel.


Just as the food was cooking over the fire, we presented our offering to the group in the form of a little show. Moving torches (to simulate the sunrise over Uluru), and farting noises (to simulate the moving bus) accompanied our little thank-you speech to everyone.

Whether the non-English-speaking members of the group understood what was going on - well, that's another question...

and Celebrating

All in all, the group seemed to enjoy our efforts, although that could have just been an effect of the VB, and sitting next to a very hot fire. After eating and drinking (noisily) into the night, we settled into our swags, underneath a gum tree and the huge, cloudless, star-filled sky.

All we needed was those pesky dingoes to shoo...

Swags again (by a Gum Tree!)

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